Bismarck Air provides skilled and safe On Demand Air Charter.

Our pilots complete flight proficiency checks every 6 months and are held to the same standard as any captain flying an airline.

Our maintenance and ground support services are provided by Bismarck Aero Center. Their factory-trained technicians maintain our aircraft to standards that meet or exceed the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration and the aircraft manufacturers.



For your comfort and safety our aircraft:

  • Have pressurized cabins. This allows us to fly at higher altitudes, for smoother rides, while keeping the cabin altitude at a comfortable level. This system also has more efficient heating and cooling which provides comfortable cabin temperatures, no matter the season.
  • Have turbine-powered engines. Turbine engines produce more power and are more reliable than piston-powered engines.
  • Have updated avionics which provide our pilots with unmatched situational awareness, inflight weather, and the ability to conduct precision instrument approaches to smaller airports.

Your Time is Valuable

We understand it is difficult to justify the cost of charter. But a charter can turn a 7-hour drive for a 3-hour meeting into a morning in the office, a 3-hour meeting in the afternoon, and supper at home with family or friends.

We fly where there is no commercial airline service

There are 3,306 general aviation airports in the United States, of which only 376 have airline service. Chances are the community you need to visit has an airport. This is also true of the suburbs of large metropolitan areas.

Make your travel schedule convenient

Your charter will depart at a time that allows you to arrive at your meeting or event with time to spare and will return you home as quickly as you can make it back to the airport.

Our Aircraft

Beechcraft King Air 200

Cruise Speed: 320 MPH
Range with Full Fuel: 1465 Miles
Engines: 2 -850 hp. Pratt & Whitney PT6 A-42 Turbo Prop
Passenger Configuration: 9 passengers plus pilot

Beechcraft King Air C90

Cruise Speed: 250 MPH
Range with Full Fuel: 1000 Miles
Engines: 2 -550 hp. Pratt & Whitney PT6 A-21 Turbo Prop
Passenger Configuration: 7 passengers plus pilot


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Jonathan Ternes
Director Of Operations
Chris Brown
Chief Pilot
Jeffrey Sieger
Chance Faul